Why Regular AC Unit Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning your air conditioning unit regularly is an important maintenance practice of a modern home. This practice prevents the buildup of dirt on different components of the AC unit. A dirty AC or heat pump is at the risk of different operational and efficiency problems. It’s also a health hazard to the occupants of a building.

Essentially, cleaning your air conditioning unit regularly is a maintenance practice that should never be ignored even if it seems like a difficult, unnecessary task. Here are some of the reasons why regular AC cleaning is important.

Improved Efficiency

Cleaning the air conditioning unit reduces the pressure and stress that debris and dust buildup can put on it. This enables the unit to perform more efficiently. When debris and dust clog the air filters or the unit becomes dirty, normal airflow is impeded. That means the unit is required to work harder. Additionally, if the evaporator coil is covered by dust, its heat absorption ability is impaired. This reduces the efficiency of the unit further, as well as, its cooling ability.

Lowering Monthly Energy Bills

The cooling system of a home is the largest energy consumer in an ordinary household. A dirty AC unit works harder as hinted. That means it consumes more energy in a month than a regularly cleaned unit. As such, it raises the operation and home maintenance costs. A dirty AC unit consumes between 5 and 10% more electricity. So, when you clean your air conditioning unit regularly, you reduce the need for the system to work harder. And, this lowers your monthly energy bills.

Ensuring the Quality of Indoor Air

The purpose of an air conditioning unit is more than just heating and cooling a home. It’s also responsible for ensuring proper circulation of healthy and clean air inside a home. When this unit gets dirty, it creates an ideal ground for fungi, germs, bacteria, and mold breeding. Consequently, these irritants and contaminants are blown into every room of the home whenever the unit is turned on. This exposes your family to different respiratory infections, as well as, asthma attack triggers.

Preventing Costly Repairs or Replacement

When the air condition unit is not cleaned regularly, a bigger problem can eventually develop. The unit can fail if not cleaned for a long time. As the air conditioner gathers more dirt and dust, cleaning it becomes more difficult. Additionally, the unit becomes vulnerable to overheating because dissipating heat effectively becomes difficult for evaporator coils. Additionally, the unit can even have ice build-ups. Such problems of the air conditioning unit are avoided when the system is cleaned regularly. What’s more, professional air conditioning unit cleaners can detect a potential problem while cleaning the system. This can be fixed before it develops into a serious problem that will cost you more to fix or even necessitate AC unit replacement.

Regular AC and heat pump cleaning provides many health and financial benefits. Make sure that your heat pump unit is cleaned at least every 6 months. This will keep the unit functioning optimally, prevent the need for costly repairs or replacement, and ensure the quality of the indoor air that your family breathes.

Window Cleaning Tips to Clean Your Windows Properly

Window cleaning is a full time job and this couldn’t be avoided at any cost. Clean and sparkling windows of your home portray clean image of you and your house and you will be able to enjoy the outside view at anytime. If your house is located on a beautiful view then don’t you feel that you should keep your windows clean all the time? Are you looking for some tips and ideas to clean your windows and make your job easier then here are some suggestions.

You can find many products in the market that will help you in cleaning your windows properly. Most of the people uses some products and put it on by themselves. Vinegar is one of the most common to sanitize your home windows. By mixing ammonia with the white vinegar you can clean them and this will save you a lot of time and money as window cleaning services will cost you a bit more than this.

Some people use newspaper to clean windows at their home and to make them shiny. But using the newspaper comes with a problem that you will find your hands full of ink stains once you finish cleaning the windows. Instead of using newspaper you can use coffee filters to clean properly and without any ink marks on your hands. Or you can use any blank paper to clean casement. The main purpose is to clean the windows and keep your hands safe from ink marks.

One of the perfect tools to use is a squeegee for streak free windows. When you begin to clean use a great deal of water and solution. To loosen the dirt on your casement this solution is used. Once the dirt is cleaned from the windows then you have to use the squeegee to remove water. To avoid streaking this one is the best way. If the casements are very dirty then you might have to repeat the whole process so that you can clean the streaks and the dirt that was left on your first cleaning attempt.

Always clean your tools after you have done cleaning your windows. The dirt you have cleaned from windows will left behind the tools and will be transferred to your casement when you will sanitize them again. So try to clean the tools and start your cleaning job with fresh tools.

One more tip is that don’t clean the windows when they are hot. Try to clean the windows in the early morning to avoid the streaking issues. Using the proper tools and cleaning products will help you in cleaning and sparkling windows. Now the outside view would be more enjoyable after cleaning the windows properly.

Follow these tips provided by windowcleaningwinnipeg.com to ensure your windows are cleaned thoroughly every time!

Choosing the best Flowers for Your Garden – Tips

Gardens are meant to enhance the beauty of home. It helps you to make your home more attractive and praise worthy. Growing a garden takes little of your hard work and passion, but when it comes to beautifying or maintaining your garden it is not such a difficult task, as you just need to visit somewhere where you will find all the garden’s decorative items and equipments you’ll need, which will add to the beauty of your garden.

Beauty of garden attracts everyone and satisfies all our senses; there are no hard and fast rules for your garden beautification but if you follow some effective steps, it will definitely add to the beauty of your Lawn to the fullest.

We can beautify our garden by following these steps:

Choosing a location for your garden

Give a great start to your purpose of making beautiful garden by choosing the best location for this. Location of your garden must be perfect in all the sense, whether it is environment or view. It should be easy to maintain and receive enough sunlight. Do not select any place which is not meant to be aLawn .

Proper planning of what you are going to do

Don’t start anything without prior planning. Make a list of each and everything such as – what you will buy, from where you will buy, how you will decorate it, in what symmetry will you put it, which type of flowers will you purchase and many more points that are unavoidable.

Select pots and containers for your garden wisely

While purchasing pots for your Lawn make sure they are of quality product, it should have one hole at the bottom for the drainage of water and extremely beautiful and eye catchy which can attract anyone with its beautiful colors and designs.

Make a center of attraction point

Every show has showstopper, which receives the best compliments and applause from the viewer, just like it your Lawn should also have any decorative item or corner, which is praise worthy and approaches all the visitors to explore more in your garden.

Follow the proper symmetry steps

If you want to beautify your Lawn to the fullest and make it more pleasant to look at, follow correct symmetry steps to make the constant and attractive look. To have an alluring look, repeat the pattern of flowers and colors so that it feels like a soulful rhythm of the song. Don’t put anything anywhere without colorful pattern; it will look unsatisfactory and dull.

Choose the expressive and creative decorative items

Don’t get satisfy with the boring, outdated designs of pots and planters, decorative items should be delightful and something different that will make your garden stand out from the gardens of your friends and neighbours. There is variety of designs available at Wonderland Garden of garden decor which will enhance the beauty of your Lawn.

From where to buy decorative items for your garden

If you are looking for the best planters and pots suppliers in India than you must visit Wonderland Garden, an ultimate place for all the decorative items for your Lawn and home. So, give a new look to your Lawn by visiting their website or store. Contact for more details.